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    How can our

    Community sustain a positive impact long-term?

    We will evolve from a fragmented behavioral health system to a community culture of health with shared values and unified vision, without stigma and disparities.

    We are a movement powered by our most important asset: PEOPLE.

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    What is


    Stewardship means taking responsibility for forming working relationships with others to transform health and well-being across a region, together. It’s an ongoing practice of encouraging alignment, inclusiveness, resident leadership, and knowledge sharing, and marked by a commitment to the regional effort beyond one’s own vested interests.​

    (Source: ReThink Health)

    Connect with us

      I am a lived expert

      Experience Through Life

      Our lived experts are a diverse group of residents who have experienced behavioral health challenges, and/or are family members and caregivers, faith-based leaders, neighborhood champions and influencers.

      They comprise 50% of our stewardship council and action teams to provide critical insights, question assumptions and share meaningful narratives. Their expertise is deeply valued and a constant reminder of “nothing about us without us.” 

      I am a learned expert

      Help Take Action

      Our learned experts are behavioral health professionals, nonprofit agencies, local government, educational institutions, system leaders, and funders. As stewards of our care system, they have the knowledge, capability, and resources to help us effect meaningful change.

      They comprise the other 50% of our stewardship council and action teams to provide perspective and specialized skills.

      How We Take Action

      BeWellPBC’s Action Teams

      PBC Portfolio Design Team

      Regional leaders working to re-imagine behavioral health in Palm Beach County

      Community Solutions

      Supporting innovative community ideas

      BeWellPBC’s Stewardship Council