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    shifting mindsets

    Shifting Investments

    BeWellPBC brings together residents and system leaders to create a unified vision for building a culture of health and wellness and to co-design solutions grounded in equity, access, community healing, and behavioral health awareness.

    BeWellPBC Efforts in Motion

    Rethink Health Project

    ReThink Health Project

    Amplifying BeWellPBC’s work to build a new, inclusive behavioral health structure through stewards of change is our Portfolio Design for Healthier Regions project. Together with Palm Health Foundation, the Children’s Services Council and Palm Beach County’s Community Services and Youth Services Departments, we are rethinking how to create conditions for equitable health and well-being by shifting mindsets and investments from urgent services to vital conditions, unlocking the potential for all people to thrive.

    ReThink Health, an initiative of the Rippel Foundation who serves as our consultants, chose BeWellPBC and Palm Beach County as one of only three communities in the country to participate in the two-year pilot program launched in November 2019. Read more about the ReThink Health project here.

    PBC Culture of Wellness

    Through our Systems Leaders Table, BeWellPBC is fostering interdependence by helping system leaders see themselves as stewards of shared community resources rather than siloed investments each organization makes on its own. System leaders are becoming stewards of change with a shared vision for addressing equity, health disparities and wellness, and joining with the community to co-create solutions. This shared vision has become our platform for building greater interdependence across the county’s behavioral health landscape.


    Achieving Greater Impact from the System of Care

    BeWellPBC is taking action per recommendations from the exploratory Palm Beach County study Achieving Greater Impact From the System of Care: Opportunities and Challenges by Dr. David Shern and Dr. Mary Armstrong.  Released in January 2021, this report focuses on the children’s system of care with a population health and equity approach.  Working with community and system leaders, we are focused on reducing health inequities, developing a governance model premised on shared stewardship and a population health approach, expanding investment in impactful initiatives, determining strategies for greater data system integration, and supporting growth of pediatric integrated care.

    Palm Beach County Pediatric Integrated Care Project

    BeWellPBC and Mental Health America are partnering with local pediatricians and providers to integrate behavioral health into pediatric care in Palm Beach County and contribute to Florida-wide efforts.Through the Pediatric Integrated Care Community of Practice Project, a muti-agency workgroup led by 2 physicians is identifying opportunities and challenges for pediatric practices, addressing specific systemic barriers to integrated care, and documenting a standard for care that is scalable for other practices to follow. 


    Get Your Green On

    BeWellPBC is a partner in the county’s “Get Your Green On” mental health awareness campaign honoring behavioral health education and trauma-informed care each May. The campaign is a subcommittee of Birth to 22’s Becoming a Trauma-Sensitive Community Action Team with over 100 organizations and 2,500 individuals participating in the 2020 campaign.

    Social Justice Initiatives BeWellPBC is Engaged In: