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    What is


    BeWellPBC is a movement to advance behavioral health and wellness for all.

    We are driven by a promise to do better for our children, families, and neighbors.
    By working collectively with residents, providers, and systems, we are taking action to change the status quo and positively impact Palm Beach County’s behavioral health outcomes.

    Our “Be” statements

    At the core of BeWellPBC are our “Be” statements that share our philosophy for our work.

    We are open to others’ lived experiences and other people’s perspectives.

    We exhibit kindness to all and are sensitive to the needs of others, understanding that behavioral health touches everyone.

    We believe that continuous learning and knowledge-sharing is a powerful force for change.

    We lift up all those around us by encouraging and strengthening a sense of community.

    We value collaboration and cultivate relationships to build on our support systems.

    We embrace differences, explore other viewpoints, and value empathy.

    We aspire to do better for the health and wellbeing of our children, families and neighbors.

    We commit to a new way of creating more responsive, impactful systems with the voice of community leading the way.

    We welcome people to be their authentic selves and value their unique contributions and lived experiences.


    Lofty Goal


    BeWellPBC, launched in 2019, is creating a movement and a mission to advance behavioral health and wellness in Palm Beach County. Our three focus areas: Stewardship Coordination & Alignment, Workforce Pipeline, and Community Solutions are united through BeWellPBC’s Lofty Goal.

    We envision a community in which every person in Palm Beach County feels hopeful, supported, connected, and empowered.

    BeWellPBC’s mission is to bring together stewards from every corner of our community—residents, system leaders, providers, businesses, faith-based organizations, youth, and parents—to lead the change they want to see in their families, their schools, their workplaces, and their cities.


    For a Healthy Community

    BeWellPBC invites the community to be at the table with providers and funders to make decisions for themselves – challenging the traditional way behavioral health systems have functioned in the past.

    From Traditional Decision Making Framework

    To BeWellPBC Framework


    Themes for Change

    Changing the Behavioral Health Landscape

    Addressing Equity Barriers

    Greater Integration of Services

    Empowering Community Driven Solutions

    Education and Advocacy