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    Category: 2020


    Self-Compassion Matters

    Imagine a day-long retreat learning resilience and mindfulness techniques surrounded by gentle, majestic horses and grassy pastures. If it lowers your heart rate a bit just by thinking about it, you understand the premise of “Self-Compassion Matters,” a program developed by Dovecot Farm’s co-founder and chief compassion officer, Sarah Palmer.


    It Starts with Me

    Kenyon’s idea to create a program to educate and empower Riviera Beach participants with tools and skills to afford them better opportunities began with a simple principle that became the name of his program: “It Starts with Me.” He saw too many residents let circumstances hold them back. “Your mental lens—how you see the world around you—is the springboard to your life,” said Kenyon. “Life may not be fair, but what are you going to do about it? How are you going to create change? It starts with you.”


    Women Helping Women

    A program engaging 25 under-served Hispanic/Latina women to help each other overcome stress, anxiety and depression. Activities include: Zumba, Yoga, and cooking; group sessions to build peer support; and connections to treatment and resources. The project will occur virtually and in-person from 9/7/2020 to 6/4/2021 in southwestern Palm Beach County.