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    Timeline of How We Got Here.

    Tracking the resources of what led us to where we are now.
    January 2019

    BeWellPBC Design Summary

    February 2019

    The Water of Systems of Change

    May 2019

    ReThink Health

    May 2019

    GYGO Talking Points

    July 2020

    Mini-Grant Launch

    August 2020

    Healthier Together 5-year Report

    January 2021

    Shern & Armstrong Report

    October 2021

    First Issue of The Well of PBC

    February 2022

    Pediatric Integrated Care (policy proposal)

    March 2022

    Behavioral Health Technician Program Announced

    Fall 2022

    Learning Labs (PBC Culture of Wellness Launch)

    February 2023

    Community Connectors Expansion

    August 2023

    RALLY for Youth Mental Health

    September 2023

    RCI (Resiliency Capital Index)

    In Progress

    The HUB

    Conversation to Change Forum

    Our Conversation to Change forum is an opportunity for residents to discuss current community behavioral health needs, focus areas to affect change, and desired actions. Resident surveys inform our conversations and provide an opportunity to share feedback on community behavioral health priorities.